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Incredible Batiskaj (FCI)

Chendo Chendo

Color: Red Sable
Born: 01 June 2022
Hight: 25 cm

Weight: 4,7 kg
Patella luxation: free 0/0
Eyes: free 01-06-2023
Heart: free from abnormalities.

Chendo is Embark DNA tested and Clear of all.
COI: 13%
Hemophilia: clear

Color (dna): E/E B/B ky/ky ay/at S/sp h/h m/m C/C
Coat (dna): carries no shorthair or curled coat T/T  C/C

Chendo lives with Charissa.

DNA profielFCI

Havanezer database  

Sometimes something "is meant to be". When Chendo came along at facebook, I was immediately in love at his sweet looks. Because of diversity in our breeding program we wanted to have a new boy. Chendo would be a nice addition for our kennel and contacted his breeder. We wanted to know more about his parents, his health, the tests etc. We were more and more enthusiastic and it went really fast. I picked Chendo from the airport in Poland and had a long day together before we flew back to the Netherlands. What a sweetheart he was. At home we went to sleep after a long day with lots of new impressions. The day after we let him meet our pack and because of his gentle character he was quickly accepted. A lovely calm boy, he already had learned a lot at his breeder and was well socialized. We enjoy this little fellow and hope he will grow well and balanced so he will be a great addition to our kennel. 

Chendo has already proven himself and is father from a litter from 4 and a litter from 7 puppies.

from "Batiskaj (FCI)" thank you so much for this wonderful boy!

Chendo is father from our M-litter

Shows from Chendo:

No plans yet.

Parents from Chendo:
Almendares One in the Million (FCI)
Father: Siridi's Youman (FCI)
Both parents are tested patella free 0/0 and have eyes clear and complete scissorbite 6x6
Rock you all Around Alcado (FCI)

Pictures from Chendo:

Chendo Chendo Chendo
Chendo Chendo Chendo
Chendo Chendo Chendo Chendo
Chendo Chendo Chendo
Chendo Chendo Chendo Chendo
Chendo 11 maanden Chendo 11 maanden Chendo 11 maanden
Chendo 11 maanden Chendo 11 maanden Chendo stand
Chendo Chendo Chendo