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Welcome Jentl and Siena! - 17th of April 2021:
After long thinking we decided not to keep 1 but 2 girls from the J-litter. Both are amazing and we want to keep our breedinglines. We hope they will be suitable in the future to continue our breeding lines. We are very happy to add Jentl and Siena to our family. Welcome little ones Jentl and Siena!

Jentl en Siena

Thank you Glowy! - 04th of March 2021:

Glowy en Inessa

Glowy was born with us but lived with my friend Brigitte. We have done one litter together and in future Brigitte wil breed with Glowy under her own kennelname of Blinking Stars.
Good luck with our wonderful girl and thank you for my sweet girl Inessa (Isn't she lovely v.h. Hondenpaleis) we hope she will develop as we wish and continue our kennel in
the future.

Puppies from Chanty and Scotty are born! - 22th of February 2021:
Chanty and Scotty are proud to present their 6 beautiful puppies.
More info on their page J-litter

Puppies J-nest

Puppies expected end of February! - 06th of February 2021:

Chanty and Scotty expecting their litter the end of February 2021.
We are very excited about this wonderful combination.
It will probably be Chanty her last litter.
All puppies are pre-reserved!

Scotty x Chanty

Welcome Inessa! - 29th of January 2021:
Today we welcome Inessa. Inessa was born with my good friend Brigitte from our I-litter from Glowy and Scotty.
Inessa is the greatgranddaughter from our Chanty, granddaughter from our Jolly and daughter from our Scotty. It is very nice to have te next generation 
that hopefully will continue our lines. She got a very warm welcome from our doggies and is already best friends with Emi and Nusia.
Welcome little one Nessy!

Isn't she lovely vh Hondenpaleis

Saying goodbye to our dear Labrador Xara - 06 januari 2021

* 17th of March 2008 - 06th of January 2021 †

Xara (pedigree name: Beau)

The end of a period, the first mother from our kennel is gone. She past away this afternoon.
She will stay forever in our hearts. Rest in Peace dear Xara.

Laatste foto van Xara Afscheid Xara

Happy Holidays! - December 2020
We wish you a merry christmas and a joyfull, loving and healthy Coronaproof 2020!
From all our dogs v.h. Hondenpaleis and their owners
~ Chanty, Jolly, Gigi, Nusia, Scotty, Emi ~
With love, Petra, Charissa & Lichelle

Hondenpaleis kerstwens 2020

Puppies from Glowy and Scotty are born! - 04th of December 2020:
Glowy and Scotty became parents of  5 gorgeous puppies.
More information on their page: I-litter 
Puppies I-nest

Puppies expected in December! - 06th of November 2020:

We expect puppies in December from our Glowy and Scotty. For both it will be their first litter.
The litter will be born and raised with my friend, where Glowy lives, but I will be involved with everything.
We are looking forward to this lovely combination.

Scotty x Glowy

Something new in het Hondenpaleis! - 25th of September 2020:

Since the end of September we have a new puppy. Emi is a Chihuahua, a different breed than our Havaneses but it was a long wish for me to add a little princess in our house.
Ofcourse we stay true to the Havanese!

Emi 23 maanden

Anniversary kennel name excists 12,5 years! - 13th of May 2020:
Our kennel name v.h. Hondenpaleis has been registered with the Raad van Beheer op kynologisch gebied (FCI) on the 13th of November 2008 and is now 12,5 years old!
Started with our Labradors Xara and Nora and continued with our Havenese Chanty en Jolly, with a total from 8 litters till now.
We hope to welcome more puppies in our Palace were all the puppies will be treated like princes and princesses.

Jubileum 12,5 jaar Jubileum 12,5 jaar Jubileum 12,5 jaar

New on our Youtube page!
- 04th of April 2020:

Video's about the maintenance of the Havanese you can find on our Youtube page click below to see:

link naar youtube

The models in these video's are Nusia and Gigi.

Happy Holidays!
- December 2019:
We wish you a merry christmas and a joyfull, loving and healthy 2020!
From all our dogs v.h. Hondenpaleis and their owners
~Chanty, Jolly, Gigi, Nusia & Scotty~
With love, Petra, Charissa & Lichelle
Hondenpaleis kerstwens 2019

Winner kerstshow - 22th of December 2019:

Scotty his first show and he was awesome! Walking like a proud baby after his practise for the last few weeks. He let the judge feel his body and stands for a few minutes and then he was a clown. Showing his tricks sitting, laying down, standing. He was so proud he did a little jump of joy at the end. So proud of our little charmer. He got a very promissing and was best young puppy (although he was alone he deserved it!)
Scotty Winner Scotty Winner

Welcome Scotty! - 4th of November 2019:
We have a little charmer picked up with Nancy Fassott from kennel Star of Havanna.
Welcome little guy, you were a big surprise and it was love at first sight!
We had no plans to buy a new boy but you were irresistible!
Adorable Scotty Star of Havanna

Kensho has found his forever home! - 12th of November 2019:
After a long search (because we were picky) finally Kensho has found his forever home. Three years he was very happy with Marjan and her family in Schagen but unfortunately they decided to go travel back and forth to USA and the Netherlands. After he was neutered he moved to his new family in Limburg were he felt almost immediately at home. Monique and Frans are very happy with their new friend. Happy ending after all!
Afscheid Kensho

Rest in peace dear Vano † - 19th of October 2019:
Too young we had to say goodbye to our beloved Vano.
Vano was seriously sick and died at the age of 1,5 years of Megaoesofagus.
You leave a big empty space in our hearts dear Vano. Rest in peace our little buddy


The puppies from Chanty and Kensho arrived! - 15th of June 2019:
Chanty and Kensho became parents from 4 beautiful puppies.
More information on their own page H-litter 
Puppies H-nest

Puppies expected! - 16 May 2019:

If all goes well we expect puppies from our Chanty and our Kensho around 19th of June. It will be the first litter from Kensho so we are very excited to welcome his first offspring. Chanty has already proven to be a good mum and have given beautiful and healthy pups in the past.
For more information see here.

Chanty x Kensho

Happy Holidays - 24 December 2018:

Kennel van het Hondenpaleis wishes you Merry Christmas and a joyfull and healthy 2019!
Kerstwens 2018

Welcome Nusia - 15 December 2018:

We have a new girl. Welcome Nusia. Thank you Agata for this wonderful girl!
HCN Clubmatch - 21 October 2018:

Vano has done one show only but he did great!!
He became first with young puppy (3 males) and became best young puppy, thanks to judge Wilma Strijbos for the wonderful comments.

Vano Vano

Welcome Valentino - 3 September 2018:

Today we have a new boy for our Kennel who will live with a good friend of ours. He is a great addition for our girls!
Thank you Nancy for this gorgeous boy.

Gigi not suitable for breeding - 26 August 2018:

Gigi has been diagnosed with Cataract (cortical). We are very sad to hear but relieved that probebly she will not go blind. Our dream is destroyed we will never have puppies from our beauty queen. Gigi will be sterilized.  

Happy New Year - 31th of December 2017:

We wish you all the best, joy, luck and health for 2018!
happy new year

Operation Jolly - 24th of December 2017:

On Christmas eve our Jolly was operated due to pyometra. We are happy she has a gorgeous litter and we hope to maintain her breedinglines. We pray she will recover soon. We are so very proud that she still wants to take care of her puppies. 

Holland Cup and Winner Amsterdam - 8th and 9th of December 2017:

Gigi entered the youth class and is very proud of herself in the ring. She walkes so lovely and presents herself very well. Judge Dirk Spruyt (BE) gave very nice comments got Excellent 1 and now is Dutch Youth Champion. She also won BOB best of breed. In the afternoon she competed with 20 other dogs from group 9 and was selected with 5 other dogs but was not placed eitherway we were very proud to be selected with the first 6 from group 9! Second day we got other judge from Finland and she was not enthousiastic from the Havanese on this show almost everyone got Very Good. So strange after the joy of yesterday. But our girl Gigi did great and we are very proud of her!

trots staan mooi lopen vrolijk showt ze zichzelf

The puppies from Jolly and Latino are born! - 6th of December 2017:
Jolly and Lationo became parents from 5 beautiful puppies.
More information on their own page G-litter 
Jolly met haar puppen

KCWF Clubmatch
- 19th of November 2017:

Gigi entered the youth class. She walked with joy in the ring and loves to show herself. Judge Leon Scholten gave nice comments and she became first from the bitches. She also won BOB best of breed. In the afternoon she competed with 9 other dogs from group 9 and became 3th! Very proud of our lovely girl <3

lekker plekje op de keurtafel lopen in de ring
eerste plaats BOB beste van het ras 3e plaats van rasgroep 9

There are 5 puppies born from Chanty and Tommy! - 06 November 2017:
Chanty and Tommy became parents from 5 beautiful puppies.
More information on their own page F-litter 
Chanty met haar puppen

Puppynews! - 09 October 2017:
Jolly has had a love date with Latino. We hope their date was succesfull and will give beautiful puppy's. If mother nature is sweet we expect around 10th of  December 2017 babies from these parents see also puppies

Jolly x Latino

Internationale Hondententoonstelling Zwolle - 7 and 8 October 2017:

Gigi first time in youth class and she did great. Both days she became first with beautiful comments and Excellent 1. Sunday she got also res. CAC. Judges were  waren Sir P. Burema and Mrs. P. Runderkamp. We enjoyed both days from our beauty that enjoys the showring. 

show Zwolle show Zwolle show Zwolle

Puppynews! - 11 September 2017:
Chanty has had a love date with Tommy. We hope their date was succesfull and will give beautiful puppy's. If mother nature is sweet we expect around 8th of  November 2017 babies from these parents see also puppies. Same combination as this litter E-litter

Tommy x Chanty

Stichting Hondententoonstelling Rotterdam - 30 July 2017:

First dog show in long time for all three dogs. Because of personal issues I could not be there myself but my daughter took care of it very well! Very proud of her how she showed our dogs. Gigi (Elé Mano Gentis) was alone in puppyclass but got great comment from Judge Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster and she got Very Promissing.  Then competed against puppy boy and became Best Puppy at the end of the day she was in the ring of honor! After was the turn for Jolly also alone in youthclass and got lovely comment and got Excellent 1 also got the titel Benelux Junior Winner NL so we were very proud of our girl who also entered the ring of honor at the end of the day! Then the turn was for our Chanty in open class she got Very Good and became 4th. Very proud of our Hondenpaleis team.

Gigi Gigi Jolly
Gigi Jolly Chanty

Jongehondendag KCWF - 02 July 2017:

First show for Gigi was great. It was a show to get used of showing and with 4 judges. She got points from each judge and the highest points won. All breeds are in same category based on age 6 till 9 months. Gigi got first place! Very proud of our little lady. 

Gigi 1e plaats JHD KCWF 2107 Gigi 15 weken

Welcome Gigi (Elé Mano Gentis) - 28 March 2017:

We have a new girl in our home. She is really great and sweet. We are so happy to have her!
Thank you Ramuné for this special girl <3

Homepage in English! - 22 March 2017:

We now also have our homepage in English!

Jolly 1 year! - 12 March 2017:

We are so happy with our Jolly. She is wonderful!!
Happy birthday dear Jolly. We treated her on a special birthday cake. 

Jolly 1 jaar

E-litter 1 year! - 12 March 2017:

Our congratulations to Bibi, Jipp, Vinnie and Jolly on their first birthday. 
E-nest 1 jaar

Happy easter! - 27 March 2016:
Paasgroet 2016 vh Hondenpaleis

The puppies from Chanty and Tommy are born! - 12 March 2016:
We welcomed a beautiful colourful litter from 2 males and 2 females. More information on our page E-litter

E-nest v.h. Hondenpaleis

Lovedate - 15 January 2016:
Chanty was on date with beautiful Tommy. 

Tommy hart Chanty    

Happy Holidays! - 24 December 2015:


Holland Cup Amsterdam - 11 December 2015:
Chanty and Kensho on show.
Chanty kreeg Excellent 3 en Kensho Excellent 2.
Proud mommy!

Kensho    Kensho    Kensho
Chanty    Chanty    Chanty

KCWF Clubmatch - 15 November 2015:
Clubmatch from our dog training school. Chanty became best of breed and won from the youthful Kensho.

Kensho    Kensho    Kensho
Chanty    Chanty    Chanty

HCN Clubmatch - 25 October 2015:
Clubmatch from the association Havanezer Club Nederland.
Kensho became beste junior male and Chanty became second in intermediair klasse.

Kensho    Kensho    Kensho
Chanty    Chanty    Chanty

IJsselshow and Hanzeshow Zwolle - 04 and 05 October 2015 - judges Mrs. B. Bear and Sir Th. Rohlin:
Chanty went with my friend Carolien to the dogshow.
She did great and got Excellent 1 became best bitch and best of breed BOB (CAC).
Very proud and many thanks to Carolien and Ruud for taking good care of our girl.

                                                        Chanty Maastricht Dogshow

Dogshow Maastricht - 26 and 27 September 2015 - judges Sir W. Wellens and Mrs. P.C. Zwaartman-Pinster:

First time that my girl went to a show without me. My friend Carolien took her for a weekend. She did great!
First day she got Excellent 2 and second day she got Excellent 1 and became best junior dog. She is now Dutch Junior Champion!

Chanty Maastricht Dogshow    Chanty Maastricht Dogshow    Chanty Maastricht Dogshow

Show Rotterdam - 25 July 2015 - judge Mrs. Jeannette Larive (FR):
First show for our boy  Kensho. He was a bit impressed and shy but walks proud for the judge. He got very promissing and became best puppy.
Chanty enjoys showing and was so relaxed she got Excellent 1. Very proud of the results.

Kensho    Kensho    Kensho
Chanty    Chanty    Chanty

Junior dog day KCWF - 28 June 2015:
We had a very nice day.
In the category 3-6 months became Kensho 3th from all breeds together!
It is not a 'normal' show but for young dogs to explore showing.

Kensho    Kensho    Kensho
Chanty    Chanty    Chanty

04 June 2015: Welcome Kensho from Hungary!
Finally after long waiting he is here. Our Valentine! 

Eerste ontmoeting op Schiphol met Kensho    Blij met de nieuwe aanwinst!    op weg naar huis

23 May 2015: Internationale Tentoonstelling KC Arnhem!
Chanty got Excellent 1 in junior class from judge Mrs. Toebak-van Valkenburg and became 2th with the BOB selection. She enjoys the shows.

Chanty 1e plaats jeugdklasse show Arnhem Chanty 1e plaats jeugdklasse show Arnhem
Chanty 1e plaats jeugdklasse show Arnhem Chanty 2e plaats BOB verkiezing Arnhem

24 April 2015: Chanty 1 year!
My sweet girl already 1 jaar. Happy Birthday dear Chanty!!!

Chanty 1 jaar

13 December 2014: Winner show Amsterdam!
International dogshow with Chanty. She walks with joy for judge and got 1th place and became best puppy (BOB).
Lovely words from judge Marianne Slooijer. Love my girl.

Chanty 1e plaats Winner AmsterdamChanty 1e plaats Winner Amsterdam
16 November 2014: Clubmatch KCWF!
Chanty became 1th and best puppy (BOB) at the dog show from our dog training school. 

Chanty op KCWF Clubmatch

26 October 2014: Clubmatch Havanezer Club Nederland!
First time show for our girl Chanty. She became 2th.

Puppyklasse teven HCN Clubmatch
11 August 2014: Welcome Chanty!
Today we picked up our first Havanese puppy! Chanty "Baribal's Wild Rosebud" from Germany. She is a very promissing beauty from good bloodlines. We hope to continue our breeding with her.

Onze nieuwe aanwinst: Chanty