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About us?

Petra met Havanezers  Onze 5 havanezers

I am Petra living with my family, dogs and cats in Heerhugowaard The Netherlands. Since I was little a real lover from dogs also my daughters are real dog lovers, especially Charissa shares my passion for breeding. Raised with dogs and from the moment Since I lived on my own I had the wish to have my own dog. It did not took long to see my wish come true. My first choice was a Labrador Retriever because of their looks and character. I got my first dog in 1994 and got many years 3 Labradors in my family which I have done breeding with for a few times. Due to health reasons I had to decide quit breeding with my Labradors. Than my wish for a smaller race began and soon we had our first Havanese. With pain in my heart I had to rehome my Labradors after my divorce. Pure made out of love for them because I could not give them any more what they needed. Love and care means to make choices that makes you sad but are only taken in the best interest for your pets. Luckily they have found a great home and we stayed in contact with them. Beginning of 2021 my last Labrador has passed away. Rest in peace dears.

Petra met Xara en Nora Xara met dochter Nora en Zoë

A live without dogs is unthinkable for me. The Havanese was one of the little races that attracted me. A small cute dog that suits easily to every situation. A dog that loves children, cats and other dogs. I adore their loyal look.  I became member of the association 'Havanezer Club Nederland' and contacted with several breeders for information.

My goal is to breed a healthy happy Havanese. I try to combine new bloodlines from abroad that are well known. I hope to give my part for positive breeding to keep the race healthy and as it was meant to be. Character is a special goal for my breeding because I only breed with parents with good character. 

How the Havanese entered my life was in a very special way. In a book about the Havanese I saw a 'famous' painting from Renoir from (1800-1880)  "Luncheon of the Boating Party" there is a Havanese on that painting. My grand-mother used to have this painting at her home. My mother still got that painting. It was during the time I was searching for a Havanese puppy. But what happened? My grand-mother loved to make embroideries and had made a piece of that painting by hand....... just this piece with the woman and the Havanese. Coincidence? Maybe but during my holiday in Spain I was in contact with a breeder about a Havanese puppy but this puppy was in option. The same day I heard that the puppy was available for me there was again "a sign"............ We went to a restaurant from friends from my mother and when we got the menu my heart stopped for a minute.......... There it was the painting on the front of the menu!!! I do not know if it is meant to be but I believe so...

Shortly after we found our first Havanese in Germany. After a long ride 5 hours we were immediately enchanted by this beautiful girl "Baribal's Wild Rosebud". We called her 'Chanty' derived from Shanti a name from Sanskrit with the meaning inner peace and that she gave me! She is the start from our breeding with Havanese to continue our kennel. 
Lunch met de roeiers (Renoir 1800-1880)  Geborduurde schilderij van mijn oma    Menukaart Spanje
From left to right: Painting from Renoir "Luncheon of the Boating Party" - the embroid painting made by my grandmother - menu from the restaurant

Since September 2020 we also have a Chihuahua in the house, her name is Emi, she is fully accepted and has a lot of fun with our Havanese and they with her.  Yes it is a different breed but it was a dream for me to have a Chihuahua for a long time. Lovely a little princess in the house.

Emi met Chanty en Nusia

Petra has followed the course KK1 (dog breeding knowledge part 1) and KK2 (dog breeding knowledge part 2) therefor she has gained a lot of knowledge about breeding with dogs. She also has followed First Aid for dogs and cats and goes to meetings about new breeding information.

Erferlijkheid ED HD en Patella certificaat

Lezing fokken naar de rasstandaard Lezing inteelt en outcross Lezing omgaan met ziektes in de fokkerij

We choose the name 'van het Hondenpaleis' meaning "from the Dog Palace" because our dogs are treated and raises as real prince and princesses. Our home a Palace for humans and animals. Our first breeding girl (Labrador Retriever) her name was Xara meaning Queen so very suitable. We hope to welcome a lot of princes and princesses in our home. 

Our kennel name "v.h. Hondenpaleis" is registered on 13th of November 2008 with the Raad van Beheer op kynologisch gebied with number 266131.

Wij are member of  Eerste Gezelschapshonden Club Nederland

Chanty  Enjoyable Jolly v.h. Hondenpaleis
Charissa en hondjes  Gigi Gigi thuiskomst
 Nusia onze Havanezers Onze Havanezers

Petra met Havanezers    Charissa met Havanezers puppen

Scotty Scotty Scotty

Onze 5 havanezers hondjes in de regen Onze 5 havanezers op het strand

Petra met Havanezers  Onze 5 havanezers