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The Havanese

The Havanese is a fairly unknown race and belongs to the Bichon family.
The breed is originally from the Mediterranean region and is brought by Italians and/or Spaniards to
South America where in Cuba the breed was further developed. 

Chanty Chanty

The Havanese are small companion dogs and are known for their nice character.
They are very kind to children, cats and other species.
They are dogs that love to cuddle and pampered but will not intrude themselves.
They are cheerful, gentle and very easy dogs. They are very intelligent and easy to educate.
They are not suitable to be long alone without company. They can be alone for a few hours but not whole days.
They prefer to be with you and go along everywhere.
They are very sensitive to the moods of their owners. Playing being a clown if you are sad and stand by your side if you are sick.
Happy if you are happy with their "big smile" on their mounts.
They also know when they did something naughty and a little word is enough to correct them.
The coat from the Havanese is almost odourless and does not shed. 

De The coat of an adult Havanese does take 'much' maintenance.
It is important to regularly brushing out the loose from the coat otherwise they get nasty tangles.
Ears need to be picked regularly and also the nails need to be clipped regularly.
The fur remains at its best if it is washed regularly.
The hair hanging for the eyes can be fastened with a pin or rubber so it reduce the chance
of an eye inflammation. It can be clipped but this is not preferred.

Video's about the maintenance of the Havanese you can find on our Youtube page:

link naar youtube

Kensho en Chanty

A Havanese is approximately  23-27 cm high (21-29 is allowed)
it weights approximately between 5 and 8 kilo (females 5-6 kg and males 7-8 kg).

standard from the Havanese according to FCI: FCI Havanese

Havanese are in many kind of colours and are changing with age.
If you like to now more about their colours please check this site: Colours of the Rainbow

 Example from our kennel:
Holly Holly
Holly born like a white with black puppy (panda).

Holly Holly
Holly as an adult still a lot of white but changed with more colors of red/brown.