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BJWNL'17 Enjoyable Jolly v.h. Hondenpaleis

Jolly Jolly
Color: Tricolor
Born: 12 March 2016
Hight: 26 cm
Weight: 6,2 kg
Patella luxation: 1/1

Eyes: 26-05-2017 clear

DNA profiel FCI

 Havanezer database

Jolly is our first own bred Havanese. We immediately were in love with her.
Everybody loves her and she loves everybody. Sweet and cute girl. She is always very happy and playful.

Jolly is mother from our  G-litter
Due to pyometra on 24th of December 2017 Jolly was operated and the G-litter will be her only litter.

Shows from Jolly:

Stichting Hondententoonstelling Rotterdam - 30 juli 2017 - jeugdklasse - Mw. I. Zwaartman-Pinster - Excellent 1 Benelux Junior Winner NL 2017

Jongehondendag KCWF te Heerhugowaard - 02 July 2017 - 240 pt. (max. 280 points) Inge v.d. Does; Frits Matzen; Gea Wulder; Hugo Schenk.

Parents from Jolly:
Mother: Baribal's Wild Rosebud (Chanty)
Father: Christa's Jumpy Clown De Thomaso (Tommy)
Both parents have patella 0/0 eyes clear and complete siccor bite 6x6
Baribal's Wild Rosebud (Chanty)    Christa's Jumpy Clown De Thomaso

Photos from Jolly:

Jolly 1 dag Jolly 1 weekJolly 2 weken
Jolly 3 weken Jolly 4 wekenJolly 5 weken
Jolly 6 weken Jolly 7 weken Jolly 8 weken
Jolly 9 weken Jolly 9 weken Jolly 9 weken
Jolly Jolly Jolly met mama Chanty
Jolly Jolly Jolly 4 maanden
Jolly Jolly Jolly
Jolly Jolly Jolly
Jolly Jolly Jolly
Jolly Jolly Jolly
Jolly Jolly JollyJolly Jolly Jolly
Jolly Jolly Jolly
Jolly Jolly