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Just my mini-me v.h. Hondenpaleis

Jentl Jentl
Red Sable White
Born: 22th of February 2021
24 cm
Weight: 4,2 kg  
Patella luxation:
free 0/0
Eyes: clear 22-02-2022; 07-09-2023
Heart: free from abnormalities.

Jentl is Embark DNA tested and Clear of all.
COI: 11%

Color (dna): E/E B/B ky/ky ay/a S/sp h/h m/m C/C
Coat (dna): carries no shorthair or curled coat T/T  C/C

DNA profielFCI

Havanezer database

Jentl is born with us in our J-litter. We couldn't choose between the girls. Finally we decided to keep 2 girls and we waited till they get older and the characters developed. Also health and build are important for the future of our breeding plans. Her sister Siena also stays and we hope they will be an addition for our kennel so we can continue our breeding lines. For now we will love and enjoy them! Jentl is a friendly girl that loves to seek contact and cuddles. Jentl looks a lot like her mother Chanty, that is why she is called Just my mini-me. She develloped wonderful, we are so happy she will continue our lines.

Jentl is mother from our M-litter

Shows from Jentl:

No plans.

Parents from Jentl:
Mother: Baribal's Wild Rosebud
Patella free 0/0 eyes clear and complete dental scissor 6x6

~ Baribal's Wild Rosebud (Chanty) ~

Father: Adorable Scotty Star of Havanna
Patella 1/1 eyes clear and complete dental scissor 6x6

~ Adorable Scotty Star of Havanna (Scotty) ~

Pictures from Jentl:

Jentl 2 dagen Jentl 1 week Jentl 2 weken
Jentl 3 weken Jentl 4 weken Jentl 5 weken
Jentl 6 weken
 Jentl stand Jentl met zusjes
Jentl met hele nest Jentl en Siena 7 weken Jentl 7 weken
Jentl 8 weken Jentl eerste keer strand Jentl los in de woonkamer
Jentl Jentl Jentl Jentl Jentl
Jentl Jentl Jentl  Jentl Jentl
Jentl Jentl Jentl Jentl
 Jentl Jentl Jentl Jentl
Jentl Jentl Jentl
Jentl Jentl
Jentl Jentl
Jentl Jentl Jentl