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Isn't she lovely v.h. Hondenpaleis

Inessa Inessa
Color: Tricolor
Born: 04th of December 2020
Hight: 25 cm

Weight: 4,6 kg
Patella luxation: free 0/0
Eyes: clear 22-02-2022
Heart: free from abnormalities.

Inessa is Embark DNA tested and Clear of all.
COI: 10%

Color (dna): E/e B/B ky/ky at/a S/S h/h m/m C/C
Coat (dna): carries no shorthair or curled coat T/T  C/C

DNA profielFCI

Havanezer database

Inessa was bred by us but born with my friend because her mummy Glowy lives with her.
We did a litter together to continue our lines. We are very happy we got that chance and become this lovely, little naughty but sweet girl, we call Nessa.
She is a granddaughter of our Jolly, and great-granddaughter of our Chanty but also a child from our Scotty. It is so nice to see
more generations coming back in one dog. She is a great addition to our kennel and we are very happy she is such a good mother!

Inessa is mother from our L-litter

Shows from Inessa:

No plans.

Parents from Inessa:
Glowing Geena v.h. Hondenpaleis
Patella free 0/0 eyes clear and complete dental scissor 6x6

~ Glowing Geena v.h. Hondenpaleis (Glowy) ~

Father: Adorable Scotty Star of Havanna
Patella 1/1 eyes clear and complete dental scissor 6x6

~ Adorable Scotty Star of Havanna (Scotty) ~

Grandmother from Inessa:

~ Enjoyable Jolly v.h. Hondenpaleis (Jolly) ~

Great grandmother from Inessa:
~ Baribal's Wild Rosebud (Chanty) ~

Pictures from Inessa:

Inessa 1 week Inessa 2 weken Inessa 3 weken
Inessa 4 weken Inessa 5 weken Inessa 6 weken
Inessa 7 weken Inessa 8 weken Inessa 8 weken
Inessa met mama Glowy Inessa met de hondjes samen Inessa 3,5 maand
Inessa 3,5 maand Inessa 3,5 maand Inessa 3,5 maand
Inessa Inessa Inessa Inessa
Inessa Inessa Inessa Inessa Inessa
Inessa met ouders Inessa met mama Glowy Inessa met moeder, oma en overgrootoma
Inessa Inessa Inessa
Inessa Inessa Inessa
Inessa Inessa Inessa
Inessa Inessa
Inessa Inessa Inessa